How to Freelance

Last month I quit my job.

Figuring out my identity is now a “thing.” Maybe I’m a stealth founder. I don’t know. But I’m enjoying the freelance hustle and so can you.

Here’s how I do it:

  1. Drool over startups all day on
  2. Pick one that meets these criteria: I want to help; I’m capable of helping.
  3. Create a ridiculous marketing idea (to be certain they haven’t tried it).
  4. Email your idea to the founder (usually [email protected]) and end with “Would love to grab coffee and learn more about your company.”
  5. Cross fingers.
  6. Meet for coffee and study their website, competitors, industry beforehand. Bring ideas.
  7. If all goes well, say “I’d love to find a way we can work together for 2-3 months, I think I can knock out x, y, z.”
  8. Submit a proposal. Nothing crazy, just 1-2 pg
    Google Doc. Bullet some tasks and objectives, and include notes from the coffee meeting. Bottom of your doc should showcase rates; I like “Option A” and “Option B.”
  9. Cross fingers.
  10. Repeat as desired.

In the future I hope leads are word of mouth (vs cold email) — making Step 6 the new Step 1 — but this is Day 43 and the struggle is real.

Pro tip: warm intro’s are the ultimate step skippers.

Email me if you need help. I’ll send a couple options.