i’m not a YouTuber, English teacher, or soldier. i’m Ryan. to collaborate with me email [email protected].


i’ve composed, recorded, and performed since i was 15 years old. in Fall 2020 i quit my day job to pursue music full-time. specifically, K-pop in South Korea.

in April 2021 i began performing in the popular Hongdae (홍대) neighborhood of Seoul at Owl’s Rooftop and Cafe Unplugged. check out one of my original Korean songs below:

my first Korean album, titled 외국인 (Foreigner) debuts in Summer 2021.

Ryan Kulp's latest solo albums

stream all my music free on SpotifyiTunes, BandCamp, or SoundCloud.


i’ve been interviewed on dozens of podcasts and participated in live business negotations.

most recently i began appearing on radio shows like TBS eFM “UNCODED,” [1, 2, 3] a Korean broadcast that celebrates lesser-known musicians with in-depth album reviews.

to share my [American] perspective on Korea i’ve collaborated with Awesome Story, Korea Times, and even started my own vlog documenting everything from crypto mining in Seoul to getting a Corona test.

my daily life is open sourced on Instagram and in my weekly, Going K-Pop newsletter.


in Spring 2021 i produced over a dozen “가사 의미” (Lyric Explanation) videos to help Korean native speakers learn natural English expression through popular song lyrics.

여여 가사 해석

in Summer 2021 i’m debuting on a new show… check back in July for more details. :)


i enjoy making things with my bare hands. to view more of my projects go here.