Transferrable Abstractions

much can be learned by walking around and watching people, things, places. one of my first marketing ideas occured while killing time in Central Park.

a few more seeped into me last week on a trail in my small town. following is an attempt to tie them together.


you’ve just eaten a big, delicious meal. there’s more on the table in front of you but the thought of a single additional bite conjures images of a ruptured stomach.

a moment later the host returns from the kitchen with a cake. it’s your favorite, red velvet.

miraculously your stomach has yielded some vacancy.

cellphone plans

my generation got their first flip phone in high school. without busying the home line we began to conspire with friends and crushes privately, from anywhere.

quickly a status game emerged. how many texts do you get per month? does your plan include rollover minutes?

dieting advice

rather than hire a personal trainer you search “how to be healthy.” collating a few articles you gather that 2500 daily calories with a 40-30-30% macro split is ideal for muscle growth and fat loss.

a few diligent weeks later you’ve actually gained weight, and feel more sluggish than before.

all together now

readers of this humble (see: non page ranking) blog want to rise each morning, slay their dragons, and fall fast asleep knowing they performed at a peak level.

some such readers, despite 100s of published protestations on how to go about these endeavors, cannot read between the lines of my ideas to achieve their desired results.

here are 3 hints.

there is always room for dessert;1 energy does not include rollover minutes;2 specific advice must be applied specifically.3

  1. one can manage several projects (increasing throughput) by strengthening their ‘stomach’ for context switching
  2. productive hours reset every morning; a non-genius, non trust funder, non nepo recipient cannot outpace 99% of others without outworking 99% of others
  3. the quality of instruction is not so much determined by who delivers it, but who receives it

one more example to be clear.

work smarter not harder” applies only to very smart people. nobody is born smart, we must work hard to earn it. so you work hard, get smart, then tell (lazy) people to “work smarter not harder,” a clever (smart) way to suppress competition.

i hope this makes sense. take a walk this weekend to be sure.