learn with me

i’ve founded/sold a few companies and worked with dozens more. i’ve produced albums and performed 300+ times in public. i’ve spoken and led workshops around the world.

to help reduce the 90% entrepreneur failure rate i teach people to code, sell, and leverage M&A to build the career they deserve. it is a ton of hard work, but it’s worth it.

what i teach

Micro Acquisitions is my zero-to-one training program for operators interested in buying + scaling profitable business vs starting from scratch. it’s 100% free thanks to Acquire.com.

microacquisitions.com (reviews)

Founder/Hacker teaches you to code quickly and efficiently in Ruby on Rails. the focus of this platform is helping employees transition to founders.

founderhacker.com (reviews)

Growth Academy spans 10 disciplines that incorporate right- and left-brain thinking. my target audience is intermediate marketers and developers.

Million Dollar Marketer (reviews)

learn in person

a few times a year i host Camp, an intensive 2 week coding boot camp at my home.

occasionally i run workshops or speak at conferences.

if you’re serious about working together, figure out my email address. a few of my talks are here.