want to learn growth?

after working with dozens of startups on growth and product, i retired.

but i want to help reduce the 90% entrepreneurial failure rate. so i developed a 100+ lecture growth course and in-person workshop series.

my marketing philosophy revolves around 2 questions:

  1. who is your customer?
  2. where is your customer?

marketers who know the answer to both, win.

what i teach

my growth curriculum spans 10 disciplines that incorporate right- and left-brain thinking. the primary audience is intermediate marketers and developer-founders.

finding your target audience

ICP, or Ideal Customer Profile, is an outdated sales textbook tactic. i teach how to find your RCP, or Realistic Customer Profile, which is defined as the prospect who would consider your product a “no brainer” if they discovered it today.

paid acquisition
test hypothesis and get instant, ongoing results from highly specific search engine ads. we avoid Facebook advertising because they are unethical.

organic acquisition
from technical SEO case studies to driving click-through traffic without a single backlink or domain authority, organic acquisition is how smart companies get off the ground with $0 budget.

it’s easier to “track” things than ever, but this causes analysis paralysis. we’ll explore and articulate the only 5-10 metrics you need to grow intelligently, and uncover product issues at the same time.

partnerships and referrals
at my portfolio company, Fomo, i’ve built dozens of partnerships with leading SaaS brands using nothing but personalized, 1 by 1 emails and negotiation. this module is the playbook for replicating that at other B2B companies.

technical marketing
it took me a few years to believe i was capable of programming, but i finally ripped off the band-aid and taught myself. here we explore the benefits and how-tos of applying software development to business goals.

competitive strategy
i’m writing a book on how to handle competition and this is my work-in-progress thesis. if competitors keep you up at night, you need a better strategy.

conversion rate optimization
no more a/b testing button colors. we’ll break down what CRO looks like at a granular level and learn how to improve it for every step of your sales funnel.

perhaps my most valuable content. for years i’ve been told “you’re so creative,” but i was just following a series of mental models. in this course i put those together in a cohesive way that anyone can apply to their marketing campaigns.

learn online

individuals may explore these modules individually for $99 – $250 each, or bundled together for $1,750.

Million Dollar Marketer courses

prices include unlimited email mentorship and graded exercises, for which i typically spend several hours per student.

read 26+ reviews here or enroll here.

learn in person

for company workshops i tailor these ideas to fit your challenges, and offer a daily flat rate for “all you can eat Ryan.”

below is my travel itinerary for the next several months. if your business is located in one of these towns, feel free to get in touch.

  • June 2019 – Italy
  • July/August 2019 – Portugal (Porto, Lisbon, Madeira, Lisbon)
  • August 2019 – Hungary (Budapest)
  • September 2019 – Hungary / Austria / Czechia / Germany (Munich)
  • October 2019 – Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
  • November 2019 – Taipei
  • December 2019 – Eastern Europe (TBD)

if you’re serious about working together, click above or guess my email address and i’ll send more information. a couple brief samples of my talks are here.

i don’t teach to make money. i teach to make kickass marketers.