learn with me

i’ve worked with dozens of startups. i’ve produced several albums and performed 300+ times in public. i’ve spoken and led workshops around the world.

now i want to reduce the 90% entrepreneur failure rate.

i do this through courses, online and in-person.

what i teach

Micro Acquisitions is my zero-to-one training program for folks interested in buying + scaling profitable business vs starting from scratch.

https://www.microacquisitions.com (reviews)

Founder/Hacker will teach you to code quickly and efficiently. the focus of this platform is helping employees transition to founders.

https://www.founderhacker.com (reviews)

Growth Academy spans 10 disciplines that incorporate right- and left-brain thinking. the primary audience is intermediate marketers and developer-founders.

Million Dollar Marketer (reviews)

learn in person

occasionally i run workshops or speak at conferences.

if you’re serious about working together, figure out my email address and i’ll send more information. a few of my talks are here.