i work every day, sleep little, despise silicon valley, and drink cold brew coffee.

mostly i hack, write, read, and sing.

i live in New York City, manage a growing portfolio of technology and ecommerce businesses, and work out at Equinox.

email sucks, but if you donate i’ll respond. linkedin and facebook also suck, so i don’t have profiles. what i do have is a tweeter.

my friends and colleagues are 99% liberal, so i’m a lone wolf conservative. often i’m called “racist” or “bigot” by intolerant dems who think ideas they don’t agree with are “hate” or “harmful.”

in high school i took AP classes but scored terribly. in my first year of college i earned a 4.3 GPA. life is a joke, and i’m laughing really hard.

to see what i’m up to right now, go here.