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Grit (Angela Duckworth)

Innovator’s Dilemma (Clayton Christensen)

Meatball Sundae (Seth Godin)

Hackers and Painters (Paul Graham)

Zero to One (Peter Thiel)

The $100 Startup (Chris Guillebeau)


The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing (Jack Trout)

All Marketers are Liars (Seth Godin)

Hooked (Nir Eyal)

Growth Hacker Marketing (Ryan Holiday)

Purple Cow (Seth Godin)

Tribes (Seth Godin)

Without Their Permission (Alexis Ohanion)


The Goal (Eliyahu M. Goldratt)

Good to Great (Jim Collins)

Blue Ocean Strategy (W. Chan Kim)

The E-Myth (Michael Gerber)

Getting to Yes (Roger Fisher)

The Phoenix Project (Gene Kim)

Radical Candor (Kim Scott)

Winning (Jack Welch)

Principles (Ray Dalio)

The Personal MBA (Josh Kaufman)

Startup Relationships (Brad Feld)

Startup Upstart (David Cummings)

Rework (Jason Fried)

Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits (Greg Crabtree)


Difficult Conversations (Douglas Stone, Sheila Heen)

Switch (Chip & Dan Heath)

The Power of Moments (Chip & Dan Heath)

Linchpin (Seth Godin)

Deep Work (Cal Newport)

The Magic of Thinking Big (David Schwartz)

7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen Covey)

Skin in the Game (Nassim Taleb)

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck (Mark Manson)

Predictably Irrational (Dan Ariely)

The War of Art (Steven Pressfield)

The Tipping Point (Malcolm Gladwell)

The Abolition of Man (C.S. Lewis)

Outliers (Malcolm Gladwell)

The Sociopath Next Door (Martha Stout)

The Dip (Seth Godin)

Blink (Malcolm Gladwell)


Eat Mor Chikin: Inspire More People (S. Truett Cathy)

I Wrote That One, Too (Steve Dorff)

The Fish That Ate the Whale (Rich Cohen)

Hatching Twitter (Nick Bilton)

Elon Musk (Ashlee Vance)

Call me Ted (Ted Turner)

Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs)


Choose Yourself (James Altucher)

What is Code? (Paul Ford)

Poke the Box (Seth Godin)

Financial Peace (Dave Ramsey)

Mere Christianity (C.S. Lewis)

Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki)

Four Hour Work Week (Tim Ferriss)

Common Sense (Glenn Beck)

Surviving in a Relationship with an Entrepreneur (Brad Feld)

5 Love Languages (Gary Champan)

Moneymalism (Madison Bradford)

Simplify (Joshua Becker)