in 2019 i launched Micro Acquisitions, began learning Korean, wrote a book, and explored 15 countries while running

in 2020 i retired, moved to Seoul, and launched Founder/Hacker.

in 2021 i started a new career in K-Pop, launched a Korean board game, and opened a film studio. between releasing my first Korean album and becoming a reality tv star, i also won 1st place in a Korean singing competition, learned Solidity, and sold out multiple NFT projects (1, 2).

in 2022 i sold Fomo, bought a ranch, started a solo talk show, and began learning to farm.

in 2023 i dabbled in hacking, woodworking, calisthenics, and built with RIGD with some friends.

in 2024 i’m launching my Next Big Thing.

last updated December 9, 2023

thanks Derek for the inspiration.