Spirit Cares


June 2015.

I’m in Detroit hosting Camp and on the last day, Spirit Airlines cancels my team’s flight to NYC.

Typically canceled flights aren’t a big deal… you grab another coffee and wait. But Spirit is a special kind of hell.

It was Monday and the next available flight to NYC was Friday. They wanted us to rot in Daytwah 4 more nights with no hotel or accommodations otherwise. Fat chance.

Naturally I started tweeting. I wanted Spirit’s customer service team to a) acknowledge my pain and then b) do something about it. Full refund, maybe? Last minute booking on a partner airline, perhaps?

But then we realized something: Spirit airlines doesn’t have a customer service team.

I’m serious. Just read their Twitter bio:





Needless to say, my tweets were useless. We had to take matters into our own hands.

Within an hour, my team of 7 decided to drive back to NYC. We rented an SUV from Hertz, paid $38 extra to drop the car in a different city, and hit the road.

In an effort to remain sane, we decided to seek sweet revenge on our traveling foe.

The result? We launched @SpiritCares (now suspended) and began having illegal customer service conversations with unhappy customers.







We started small, like teenagers and gateway drugs:







Then we got addicted:


Some people got the joke:


But most people didn’t:


Approximately 24 hours and 250+ tweets later, Spirit shut us down:


Oh well. At least I was asleep at home when it happened.