2013 in Review

I don’t write book reviews, Yelp reviews, or take work reviews seriously.


But 2013 was insane. Let’s be real Ryan.

I moved to NYC. Then wrote a song about it. I dropped 50 lbs. Started drinking coffee. Stopped eating bread. Lost a girlfriend. Got a better one. Read dozens of books. Became a property owner. And a Best Man! Gambled in Atlantic City. Ate fish & chips in London. Danced in Spain. With Carmen. She was nice.

The list goes on.

But nothing compares to hearing songs on the radio. Songs I first heard in 2012, when I was hopeless and hapless and helpess and alliterating, wondering “Will I ever get out?”

I hear them now and I’m beside myself. Life, friends, is nuts.

And here I am. Out of the gates with plenty of track ahead of me.

Let’s make 2014 count.