Introducing 24 Hour MVP

i’ve always done things quickly. whether it’s writing a song in 30 minutes, writing a book in 4 days, recording 70 lectures and launching a course in 7 days… i move fast.

put this way, quantity > quality is the secret to my success. because the more you ship, the more you learn. and when something finally “hits” (see: paying customers), you slow down to get it right.

but while obvious to me, this concept is evidently unique to many others. the first time i ever live streamed a SaaS app — after only learning to code for 2 years — it was a big success.

so i kept on. i built another app, then another, then another, then last month another, all live and within 5-10 hours. and that’s when it occured to me: building quickly is a skill.

thus today i’m launching 24 Hour MVP. it’s the 3rd installment of Founder/Hacker, my “turn employees into owners” mission-driven side project with over 1,000 students.

24 Hour MVP

24 Hour MVP teaches everything i know about building web apps quickly.

of course, building is a necesary but not sufficient requirement for making things people want to pay for. so i’ve also included dozens of tips, battle scars, and product marketing perspectives to ensure you build the right things quickly.

because the faster you build, the sooner you can get to the truth. and the truth is: people care about what you made, or they don’t.

(quantity > quality) == quality. consider becoming an owner, today.