Artificial Intelligence

My Macbook has no friends. He doesn’t rest, hunger, or thirst for anything. He is a solider.

I disabled his ‘sleep’ feature to save 5 seconds logging in every morning.

Are you getting this?

My Macbook stays up all night so I can save 5 seconds.

He is a yes-man. He computes so I don’t have to. And he should; I paid for him and Apple promised his undivided attention.

Spin the bottle.

We’re convinced that playing yes-man at work = rising the ladder. That our boss will appreciate the pizazz we show for labor.

Here’s what your boss really thinks…

Your boss thinks you have no friends, hunger, or thirst. That you have no opportunity costs or physiological needs, much less hobbies or a “Netflix subscription.”

Because when you act like you a computer, you get treated like one.

So don’t blame the boss.

It was you who promised him undivided attention. Just check your last 47 emails. You said “No problem getting this taken care of ASAP” at the bottom of every one.

“But push back is unprofessional, Ryan.”

Really? I just told a client to go F* themselves. Then they sent a check.

Just know your boss isn’t impressed.

I’m certainly not impressed by my Macbook. He is mine and he does what he is told. He computes so I don’t have to. Remember?

And this is how your boss feels about you.

Workplace Paradox

  • Employees work just hard enough not to get fired.
  • Employers push just hard enough to not make people quit.

On the flip side…

If you act like a human you’ll be┬átreated like one.