Deep Work

i hate all my friends, i miss the days when i pretended with you.
–Patrick Stump

last month i read Cal Newport’s Deep Work and it confirmed a few things:

  • we do our best work ONLY while free of distractions
  • your work environment matters
  • world changers ruthlessly eliminate distractions and bad environments

at the end of 2018 i’m moving from New York City to Austin, Texas. i am not looking forward to this move.

but i am looking forward to removing distractions:

  • drinking
  • walking 30 mins to go somewhere < 1 mile away
  • long lines

critical to each of these distractions, however, are friends.

i don’t drink alone, i drink with friends. i don’t travel to Brooklyn for myself, i do it to meet friends. i don’t stand in long lines because i hate myself, i do it to get into popular venues where memories are made with, you guessed it, friends.

unfortunately, i have friends in Austin. i also have friends moving to Austin for lifestyles that are friend-centered instead of work- or drink- or travel-centered. sigh.

this is honorable, but it’s not for me.

when i move to Austin, i’m prioritizing Deep Work over friends.

please do not ask me to hang out.