Everything is Makeup

cosmetics go way back. like thousands of years. and maybe it’s gross to smear cake on your face, but nobody cares. because shocker — women look better with makeup!

makeup serves 2 purposes: hide blemishes, accentuate features. it comes in physical (mascara) and digital (photo filter) manifestations. what’s not to like?

well… how about when makeup crosses the chasm from aesthetics to neurons?

consider the following:

these products have 1 thing in common: they help you look and feel smarter. they hide your blemishes (knowledge gaps) and accentuate your features (status). but just like eyeliner, they don’t fix what’s underneath.

so if a woman’s true beauty is her appearance without makeup, a professional’s true ability is their performance without PEDs.

i don’t wear AI. makeup is not for men.