Features aren’t Buttons

And a button isn’t a feature.

This isn’t a design post. I know zero about design, that’s why I Svbtle.

But when I walk to my desk at Techstars HQ I wonder what the wunderkinds are working on. Hopefully not features nobody wants.

Because it’s easier to build features than build a business.

It’s easier to run double monitors with StackOverflow and a text editor. It’s easier to do math. It’s easier to figure out pull requests and collaborate across time zones and bargain for cheap bandwidth and speed up a web page. Easy.

It’s hard to build a business.

That’s we hire people like you say the engineers to the business guys. Because nobody wants to sell and be told “no.” And That’s why we hire people like you say the business guys to the engineers. Because nobody wants to debug.

And now everybody’s talking about full stack.

“I’m a full stack marketer.”


At first it makes sense to do 8 peoples’ job. Actually, it’s required. There is no one else. But as you grow it hurts.

As you grow you need Minutemen, not Renaissance men.

Don’t let the sales guy do ops. Or the CTO front-end. Your competitors figured this out and they’re stronger than you.

What are you gonna do about it?

Hopefully not build features nobody wants.