Introducing Camp

last week i had an idea, then a landing page, and 2 hours later we sold out Cohort #1 of Founder/Hacker Camp, a new in-person retreat hosted at my ranch.

my initial target audience was “serious beginners ready to ship their next project,” but at least 2 of the first cohort’s participants don’t need any coding instruction. they simply want to work in a focused environment with like-minded people.

for this reason i’m sharing more details about Camp, here, in a blog post. it may attract a few folks not yet enrolled in Founder/Hacker, aka my side project aimed at turning employees into owners.

here’s a brief overview of our 2 week itinerary:

  • classroom setting w/ large monitor for live, collaborative programming
  • small group (8 students) to maximize 1:1 time and intimacy
  • extracurricular activities for much-needed brain breaks between sessions
  • all inclusive pricing (accommodations, food, materials)
  • healthy food and clean air

a typical day might look like this. wake up at 7:30a, optionally attend a workout in our home gym or a 5k at the local park. light breakfast (banana, protein shake) with coffee at my basement bar. begin coding by 9a, break for buffet-style brunch around 12:30p. second stretch coding session in the afternoon, followed by a late-ish dinner at 7p. relax with billiards, poker, a fishing pole, video games, booze, etc to your liking. sleep. repeat for 14 days. interspersed are outings such as shooting guns, sightseeing my small town, boating in our pond, chopping firewood, eating smores, and celebrating hard work.

only cohort participants will know the full scope of our time together. it’s Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and attendance requires a ticket.

if this sounds like bliss to you, or simply the kick in the pants you need to move your tech idea forward, consider reserving one of the 3 spots remaining in Cohort #2 (October 2023) right here.