NYPD Ride-Along

New Yorkers are entitled to 4 hours per year with the NYPD.

the application lets you specify a borough, so naturally i chose the Bronx. i want to see s*** go down, not tourists jay walking in Times Square.

NYPD Ride Along Borough Selection

on February 28, 2014, i went to the 49th Precinct in Pelham Bay.

NYPD Ride Along location in the Bronx

after waiting 30-40 minutes, i was greeted and equipped with a kevlar vest. basically they said, “don’t say anything, don’t DO anything. we are working, and we will pretend you are not here.”

oh, and you are absolutely not allowed to take any photos whatsoever.

NYPD Ride Along Self

after strapping up we began cruising Eastchester, listening to Beyonce. this went on for 2-3 hours, not the 4 hours promised in the application, but it was sufficient.

what did i witness? a couple traffic violations. but in each case the cops, in quintessential New York style, simply rolled down their windows and yelled at the other driver. no tickets.

i suggest all New Yorkers take advantage of the Ride-Along program. you’ll probably respect the police more afterwards.