ryan goes to the studio

i spent last week in Atlanta, recording my new album at Spotlight.

the album’s name? South of Market.

there are 6 songs on the EP, including one you were forced to listen to as a child. we did a track with 90% synth instruments, and another with slide guitar.

the music is all over the place, just like me. i cover topics like working in silicon valley, relationships, careers, and growing up.

soon, the lyrics will be open sourced on Github and annotated on Genius.

ryan kulp playing piano

shout out to CJ, Brian, Daniel, and of course Jason (producer) for help on keys, clarinet, drums, vocals, etc. this wouldn’t be possible without you guys. all pictures were taken by Barbie of Gaki Media.

and did i mention? the album will be free.

to download it later this month, share your email at the bottom of this post. (if you already get these blogs by email, you’re good).

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