Why I Won’t Sign your NDA

Lately I’m getting a lot of NDA’s, probably because I quit my job and became a professional bullshitter.

Henceforth sending these reasons to prospective clients:

  1. Your idea is worth nothing. Nobody signs dotted lines for nothing.
  2. Your idea is worth about $100. Nobody signs dotted lines for $100.
  3. NDA’s are serious. Your idea, without traction, is not. Suppose your idea floats out of my mouth at a cocktail party and someone makes it a hit; now you can sue me. I cannot, however, sue alcohol.
  4. All ideas — worth nothing, $100, or BTC — are cheap. Execution is expensive. Stealing an idea, then, ≠ telling people. Stealing = executing successfully.
  5. S/he who executes (see #4) already knows how to build a business, making that person more expensive than your idea. Thus, the person capable of “stealing” ideas is not the one who needs them.
  6. This is the beginning of a long, fruitful relationship. Our kids will share bunks on Caribbean cruises while we sip Gin with Josephine, the terrace level bartender. Shoving legal rhetoric in my face before we get there is a great way to prevent us from getting there.
  7. I don’t f%*ing feel like it. #YOLO