Central Park Concert Hall

I was walking through Central Park, Upper West Side. There was a bridge ahead of me and underneath it a middle-aged man playing jazz on a saxophone.

As I approached the bridge his sound overpowered my headphones so I paused my iPhone and listened for a moment. He was good.

Musical instruments are all about pressure. You trade volume for tone and vise versa. But the acoustics of a 50′ wide bridge tunnel afford a unique opportunity: volume *and* tone.

The jazz musician didn’t have to blue his face to transmit his message from one end of the tunnel to the other. He knows this; That’s why he’s playing underneath a bridge.

Which got me thinking.

Great marketers don’t have to fight through the noise of saturated channels with terrible conversion metrics. We find a niche in the park that amplifies our volume and sustains our tone.

Where is your Central Park Concert Hall?