Consumption Theory

A friend of mine got on stage and gave a talk about his early childhood. He said everything was great until his mom came home one day and trashed all the good food — soda, chips, pizza.

She replaced it with kale, bottled water, tofu.

My friend thought he was going to starve. But with no other options (unemployed / 12 years old) he had to eat the food.

It was laborious. Every bite. Wince. Gag. Etcetera.

Until one day he started to like it.

We only think we’re eating Twix bars because they are “good.” But it may be the case that they are only good because we eat them.

The implication of this idea transcends diets. It bears meaning toward our habits, the people in our lives, and the content we absorb every day on our computers, subway cars, billboards, and televisions.

You are what you eat. You enjoy what you consume.