Design is a marketing channel

so you want to raise prices.

to “get away” with it, you may need to add more value to your product or service. easier said than done, right? wrong.

i’m going to let you in on a secret: design.

perception is reality

the prettier and friendlier your product, the more likely it will be perceived as relevant, innovative, and credible.

at all my projects, the best (excepting customer service) compliments have never been, “thanks for giving me a button that does a thing,” but “wow, ____ is so pretty [and easy to use].

why aren’t marketers using this tactic to grow their company? because they don’t understand design, just like they don’t know how to code.

introducing Orange

that company i alluded to, that gets all the design compliments? it’s Fomo.

tomorrow we’re open sourcing Fomo’s interface, literally turning design into a marketing channel.

Fomo Orange UI

i’ll continue writing this later. for now, just look around.