DistroKid Promo Code

ever wanted to upload your music to itunes for free, or learn how to sell music on spotify, tidal, etc?

unfortunately i haven’t found a free service to sell on itunes since tunecore discontinued their free plan a few years ago.

however, if you’re patient and willing to wait ~5 days, here’s a quick hack to get on iTunes, Spotify, and 150+ other online stores for just $12.

how it works

first, sign up for a free account on distrokid.com.

Hack DistroKid to upload your music to iTunes

after logging in, you’ll be asked for your credit card. don’t do it.

instead, log out of distrokid.

this will trigger an abandoned cart sequence, which is marketing speak for “send a discount code!”

in about 2 days, you’ll get an email offering 35% off iTunes music store uploads.

DistroKid coupon code email for 35% off

pretty sweet, right?

well, if you’re not in a rush to upload your music to iTunes, wait just 2 more days.

you’ll get an even better email:

DistroKid coupon code email for 40% off

now it’s time to pull the trigger.

click the link in the email to automatically claim the distrokid coupon deal.

DistroKid working coupon confirmation

that’s it!

within a few hours you’ll be selling on itunes for [almost] free.