Growth DNA Master Course

how do i operate 3 bootstrapped businesses with 8,000+ paying customers and $1.5mm in annual subscription sales?

here goes:

  • who is your customer?
  • where is your customer?

companies fail when they can’t answer both of these questions.

today, i’m excited to launch a project i’ve spent months building in the background: the Growth DNA course.

about the course

i don’t think humans learn marketing for marketing’s sake.

we learn to knit because we want to create; it’s a hobby. we learn to play instruments for usually the same reasons. but disciplines like sales or marketing?

we learn these skills to make more money. to provide better lives for our families.

Growth DNA delivers with this motive in mind; it’s an investment in your career.

this week only (June 18 – 24), the course is $1,999 $1,750.

tuition includes:

  • lifetime access to all material, including future material
  • 2 private, 1:1 video chats with me, your lead instructor
  • 10+ graded assessments

students can save up to 43% by sharing their enrollment on social media for $100 instant cash back. A-level performance on graded assessments earns up to $500 additional cash back via the Skills Rebate program. (This has since been discontinued).

summary: invest ~$2k in yourself, earn it back many times over. and yes, the price will (did) increase to $1,999 on June 25, 2018. no tricks.

subject matter

i’ve demonstrated at my companies (Fomo, Cross Sell) that it’s possible to build million dollar sales machines with a couple hundred [targeted] visitors per day.

i had no “budget” to achieve these clicks either. in fact, for the first 14 months of Fomo i worked full-time at 2 other companies. for the next 6 months i freelanced to pay the bills.

we didn’t hire our first marketer until last month(!), yet we experienced 21 months of straight growth, and a consistent 7-10k unique visitors per month to our website (~200 per day).

to achieve a critical mass of visits to your website, this course spans 8 modules:

  1. Identifying your Target Audience
  2. Paid Acquisition
  3. Organic Acquisition
  4. Analytics
  5. Referrals
  6. [Bonus] Technical Marketing
  7. [Bonus] Competitive Strategy
  8. [Bonus] Conversion Rate Optimization

as students provide feedback i’ll add new lectures, and previously enrolled students will inherit them at no cost, with lifetime access.

if you’ve ever tweeted at me / emailed for advice / requested a coffee meeting to chat marketing, this course is for you.

why me?

if my experience running actual, profitable businesses isn’t enough, consider this:

  • i’ve read 100+ books on marketing and sales (savings: 100s of hours and $1,000s of expenses)
  • i’ve sent 500,000 cold emails (savings: 1,000s of hours practicing copywriting)
  • i’ve built 20+ side projects (savings: 100s of hours figuring out what *doesn’t* work)
  • i’ve implemented dozens of leading tools (savings: 100s of hours debugging, learning paradigms)

similar to reading a $10 book or watching a $15 blockbuster movie, taking a high quality course is a magic trick: consumers receive 100% of the value for less than 1% of that value’s original investment.

for these reasons, i will not discount the course beyond the social media share and skills rebate program opportunities.

get started

to enroll in the course, go here.

got questions? email me at [email protected].


Growth DNA is in partnership with GrowthX Academy, a market development skills and career training institution that helps countries and companies develop top talent to compete and thrive in the innovation economy.

GrowthX Academy has spent the last 2 years hiring pros to teach in-person and online courses in Sales, User Experience, and Digital Marketing. this track record earned them 24 five-star reviews and unique insights about what employers are looking for today.

i’m proud to work side by side with GrowthX to extend a network of job opportunities and events to alumni, in addition to high fidelity content.