What is an entrepreneur?

i’ve read several attempts to crack a definition. most explanations disseminate how entrepeneurs behave, or what traits (curiousity, tenacity) they posses. here i describe a pattern in their identity.

an entrepreneur is someone who doesn’t comply.

they don’t comply with the burger recipe down the street, with the price of a taxi, with the quality of a mattress, or with the gas mileage of a car. but bitching and complaining alone does not a better world make.

an entrepreneur is also someone who provides an alternative.

to refuse compliance without this component is to be a hater. it’s to sacrifice long-term benefit (innovation) for short-term endorphins (commiseration).

in this way, entrepreneurs are just haters who go 1 extra step:

hate => re-build => profit.

i reckon most [successful] entrepreneurs started as haters, then became builders after spotting the reward potential. those who didn’t, joined labor unions.