How to cut an onion (without crying)

forgive me for the click-bait. but to be honest, you deserve it.

because you’re looking for the next hack. some productivity porno. a secret that will finally help you learn Japanese.

fake gurus tell us to follow their simple, 3-step system. our hardass uncle says to suck it up, there are no shortcuts in life.

the truth is somewhere in between, but it’s not what you want to hear.

to cut an onion without crying, cut quickly.

in most cases, outsized outcomes require outsized inputs. the short kid who defiantly shoots hoops, 4 hours a day, becomes Steph Curry. the fat, abused-as-a-child, professional cockroach killer who loses 96 pounds in 90 days, becomes Navy SEAL and Guinness world record holder Dave Goggins.

as your willingness to tolerate pain increases, so does your probability of success. and not to mention: the faster you cut the onion, the sooner you can cut another.