Why I’m Traveling to 40+ Countries in 2019

just 11 days ago i was eating a Tomahawk steak in midtown Manhattan. an hour ago i had soup for dinner in Seoul, Korea.

there are a few reasons i needed to leave NYC:

  • poor school quality for future children
  • Leftists are becoming increasingly insane
  • want to own something (house) brand new with a dishwasher

so after 6 years in the city, we packed our stuff and moved it into storage outside Austin, Texas.

delaying the inevitable

before becoming parents, *driving* to coffee shops, and having groceries in the fridge, my wife and i decided to explore the world and see what it’s like to work remotely.

our team members already live 1000s of miles away in California, New York, Canada, Europe and beyond; what’s another 100 miles to the mix?

so we spent 3 months planning, vaccinating, canceling MoviePass, and donating. it was a big effort, but we’re now¬†homeless with 59+ trip legs on our itinerary.

the journey will take at least a year, and each leg lasts anywhere from 4 days (Zurich) to a full month (Korea, Italy, Thailand).

sharing everything

because this blog is centered around marketing and leadership, i’ve launched a new platform for my data-driven travel adventures.

Rickshaw Labs Live Map

check out and subscribe to Rickshaw Labs here.

we won’t be discussing our favorite elephant sanctuary or where to rent scooters without insurance.

Rickshaw is a test tube for productivity experiments.

we built the platform from scratch, including API connections to our bank accounts, credit cards, and even Foursquare for live location tracking.

soon we’ll implement weather, air quality, and economics APIs to incorporate health and wealth implications relative to the typical American lifestyle.

to learn more about the blog itself and how we built the backend, go here.

but why

most people go on vacation to get trashed, forget their miserable life back home, and quote unquote recharge.

on my own recent vacations i spent more time working than relaxing, which made me realize there is no such thing as work life balance, only work life enablement.

but i still like to try new foods. walk around downtown. see the occasional Picasso and hike an active volcano and rent sufboards. so now we’re doing all those things in between work sessions instead of 1x /year after 22 hour flights.

to live hard, work hard. and work everywhere.

follow along

while we mapped out specific dates for all 59 legs in our itinerary, the second ~half of them will change as we decide which places we like (stay longer) and don’t like.

prior to this endeavor we already visited over 20 countries, so although traveling isn’t new for us, doing it at a slower place, is.

that said, here’s our next 3 months on the road. err, air.

in 4 days we take a train to South-South Korea, Busan, for more of the same:

  • wake up
  • work
  • lunch
  • work
  • dinner
  • work
  • and when we earn it, explore

this is all we — my wife and i —¬† are doing for at least 52 weeks before buying a house in Texas.

see you soon

if our travels might intersect, let us know so we can buy you a beer. or a green juice. or Napalm. idk.

and seriously, consider following our new blog.

my woman is making her writing debut on this thing so you won’t always have to deal with my political jokes about the Insane Left.