How to put your lead gen on autopilot

Growing a business is hard.

Even with a great product, a great salesman, and great customer service culture, you’re dead if you can’t find qualified prospects to onboard, sell, and serve.

Tools like CRM’s and project management software do wonders for sales organizations topped off with demand, but what about new or obscure solutions, the ones with very little demand and contacts that were created manually through painstaking research?

If you’re a sales person and most of your day is spent “waiting to hear back from so-and-so,” you need more leads.

Here’s a quick hack to do that.

1. In what industry do you work?
Think broad, like “software” or “healthcare.”

2. Which product categories fits your offering?
Attributes such as “b2b,” “SaaS, “mobile,” or a mixture will work.

3. What is the core benefit of your product?
Not features, benefits. Microsoft’s “8gb RAM” vs Apple’s “20,000 songs in your pocket.”

4. Google
Now that your offering is condensed into potent keywords, it’s time to find leads.

One way to do this is by searching Google for industry-related events. The attendees of these functions are likely your target customers.

For example, suppose my product is a social media monitoring tool that helps brands track mentions.

I might search “social media conference nyc” and find these results:


As you can probably guess, “social media” is my product category.

I haven’t included the industry or benefit yet, because I like to start high level and then get more specific.

Back to these links.

If I select ‘Speakers’ from the 2nd listing, I find this:


…a list of 133 potential customers.

I should probably tell them about my social media monitoring tool that helps track brand mentions.

But how can I get their contact information without spending hours researching? And further, how can I possibly reach out to everyone piecemeal when I know only ~3% of them will open my email, much less respond?

Enter Sales Hacking.

Sales Hacking is an online course I launched this week that helps technical founders with no time and marketers with too much time source and close leads for their startup or small business.

This course is a culmination of 500+ hours spent with freelance clients who needed to put their lead generation on autopilot, and over 50 hours putting together the content. But “don’t take my word for it,” you can read 2 fantastic client testimonials  at the bottom to hear more about the course’s applied firepower.

If you’re ready to automate your lead generation strategy with just a few focused minutes every morning, enroll and use code “ryanckulp” for 25% off. It’s a monster course with 50x more information than this freebie post — you won’t be disappointed.

Have questions before enrolling? Drop me a line and I’ll get right back to you.