startup priest

when i lived in san francisco, i spent a lot of time with justin on startup ideas.

startups are religion in the valley.

so we took a step back and thought… why not spread the gospel?


printed out 30 pages of twitter’s API documentation.

twitter REST api documentation sample
blah blah blah

hired a guy on craiglist who owned a clergy cassock.

craigslist casting call post for startup priest
no website, no problem

made some props.

performance props for startup priest in san francisco
bitcoin donation hash, startup manifesto

he showed up at 8a outside Twitter HQ, for coffee with cream and $150.

startup priest reading api docs outside twitter in san francisco
reading api docs in soma


the stunt didn’t earn PR coverage; we did it to make a point.

if the cost of breaking silence is $150, i’ll choose “heard” every time.